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About AFRI

Welcome to the Air Force Research Institute

The mission of the Air Force Research Institute (AFRI) is to conduct objective research, outreach, and engagement to empower Airmen and enhance the effectiveness of airpower in support of national security.

AFRI supplements the Air University and Air Force idea-generating capacities and supports airpower research inquiries from the Chief of Staff, United States Air Force, and other top-level decision makers throughout DOD. AFRI also supports student research and conducts specialized research projects for the Air Force and DOD. From time to time, AFRI partners with allied international military air chiefs on research projects.

Airpower revolutionized modern warfare; AFRI is charged with enhancing the effectiveness of airpower by conducting independent research, outreach, and engagement. Through these three pillars of intellectual discourse, we seek to improve the combat capability of our service, and we welcome opportunities for collaboration and dialogue with individuals and organizations on subjects relating to national security.

AFRI publishes DODís flagship Air & Space Power Journal, which is the centerpiece for airpower dialog across DOD. In 2012 the English edition became an electronic-only journal, while the Chinese, Africa-Francophonie (French), and Spanish editions continue to be published online and in print. The Arabic and Portuguese editions were discontinued in June of 2013, but back issues can be found on the Air & Space Power Journal website at

Additionally, AFRI is home to the Strategic Studies Quarterly (SSQ), an Air ForceĖsponsored strategic forum where military, government, and academic professionals critically examine and debate contemporary national defense and academic topics, to include strategy, national security, warfare, and international and defense policies. SSQ serves as a conduit for conversations among members of the military, government, and the academic community. SSQ is located on the web at

AFRI also houses the Air University Press (AU Press). AU Press has supported the Air University for decades, providing Air Force educators and war fighters with airpower-related publications. Today, AU Press publications serve a wide audience that includes sister-service personnel, national leaders and policy makers, academicians, military historians, and other analysts. AU Press publishes books, monographs, and occasional papers based on unique research by AFRI researchers, military authors, and civilian scholars. AU Press is located on the web at

Finally, AFRI oversees the Air Force Fellows Program. Each year the Air Force offers up to 120 officers the unique opportunity to serve as a fellow or intern at a leading think tank, laboratory, university, defense-related corporation, congressional liaison office, or key government office. The Fellows Program is an important force development program and nurtures research-related connections between the Air University and the various institutions at which the Fellows are assigned. Information on the Fellows Program is available at

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Lt Gen, USAF (Ret)
Director, Air Force Research Institute