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Evolving Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) for Air Force Cyber Defense

Date Posted:  2/20/2014

The existing Air Force ISR capability for support to defensive cyberspace operations has to operate in an environment of global adversaries.  The effectiveness of Air Force defensive cyber strategy will depend on long range trend analysis of adversary capabilities and intent.  An evolution of ISR for cyber defense can improve protection of key Air Force command and control functions, as well as best preserve the Air Force’s qua...

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Conflict and Cooperation in Cyberspace: The Challenge to National Security

Date Posted:  8/12/2013

Conflict and Cooperation in Cyberspace: The Challenge to National Security brings together some of the world’s most distinguished military leaders, scholars, cyber operators, and policymakers in a discussion of current and future challenges that cyberspace poses to the United States and the world. Maintaining a focus on policy-relevant solutions, it offers a well-reasoned study of how to prepare for war, while attempting...

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THOR Theater History of Operations Reports

Date Posted:  8/6/2013

Never before has there been a means of swiftly referencing where and when air strikes have been conducted across the globe. Vague mentions of strategic bombing such as “in Germany” have never allowed a detailed examination of effects generated or joint fires created when combined with land and sea forces. Conversely, anecdotal stories “from the cockpit” usually fail to tell the larger operational or strategic story of h...


Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

This book is no easy read. The problem is not with Laura Hillenbrand’s writing. Any historian would envy her skillful weave of memoir, psychology, eugenics, B-24s, faith, and other subjects that would be disjointed were they not ingredients in the life of Louis Sylvie Zamperini. Nor is it with the unbelievable harshness of Zamperini’s tale of surviving 46 days on a raft in the Pacific followed by two years of suffering Imperial Japan’s hallmark brutality as a POW. That brutality has been the subject of thousands of books and not a few films. Rather, what will make this book difficult reading is that Hillenbrand crafted it as a mirror, not a lens, into Zamperini’s life. We are in his story, and it asks us, “Could you do this?”

Hillenbrand draws... Read Full Review