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Diplomatic Counterterrorist Deterrence: Moving beyond Military Means

Date Posted:  7/23/2015

This article examines diplomatic deterrence strategies as an alternative to military-centric operations for the purpose of countering terrorism. Such strategies are designed to increase international security and build lasting partnerships at the local, regional, national, and international levels. Their goal is to delegitimize the threat of terror and to enhance democracy and security in affected regions. Thus, these options dif...

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Strategic Deterrence for the Future - Adm Cecil D. Haney, USN

Date Posted:  7/16/2015

Although strategic deterrence is underpinned and reinforced by our nuclear capabilities, it is more than the nuclear triad. This article reviews the diverse, complex, and uncertain security environment we currently face and the investments that both nation-state and nonstate actors are making to both their strategic arsenals and asymmetric capabilities.


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Empowered Commanders: The Cornerstone to Agile, Flexible C2

Date Posted:  2/24/2015

This article highlights the Air Force's evolution of command and control (C2) during recent combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The article examines common issues regarding the C2 enterprise as well as some unique challenges of the Asia-Pacific theater. It then addresses PACAF's approach in managing its C2 efforts through six critical capabilities: battlespace awareness, resilient architecture, defensive cyberspace operations, combat su...


Evidence from Earth Observation Satellites: Emerging Legal Issues, vol. 7

Evidence from Earth Observation Satellites: Emerging Legal Issues, vol. 7, Studies in Space Law, edited by Ray Purdy and Denise Leung. Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2012, 466 pp., $215.00 (hardcover).

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden claims he released classified information to highlight his concerns with purported government invasions of privacy for the average American. Whether one considers him a hero or a traitor, the issue of personal privacy is important any time a government gathers information on its citizens. The contributors to Evidence from Earth Observation Satellites address issues of privacy, data handling, admissibility, and reliability related to the gathering and use of data from earth observation (EO) s... Read Full Review